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Fuel Your Training with Natural Energy Alternative…Or even better, Amrita Bars

While whole foods are a great source of nutrition, but they are not always easy to carry along for a long workout or race. I think a more convenient option is to have a combination of whole foods in an easier to carry package. A great example of this would be Amrita Bars.

Was fully stocked with Amrita bars for my 4.5 hour ride on Satuday.

Amrita Bars are made with non-GMO and mostly organic ingredients that are identifiable with your own eyes. There are no artificial ingredients and they are the perfect balance of nutrients you need to get your through your race.

One option would be to keep some of the whole foods options, like the ones recommended in this article, in your special needs bag as a little something different to fuel you through the second half of the bike or the run.

Anyway here are some ideas for other whole food alternatives…

Source: Fuel Your Training with Natural Energy Alternatives | TrainingPeaks

Vegetarian Diets and Blood Pressure:  A Meta-analysis

The Journal of American Medical Association recently published a study that appears to support what I have also seen with my own blood pressure since adopting a plant-based diet. Unfortunately I am not able to read the entire article($140 for a subscription), but I have enough personal proof that this is true.

I have dealt with high blood pressure for most of my adult life. Switching to a plant-based was the biggest factor in seeing a difference in this. Regular exercise is just icing on the cake.

JAMA Network | JAMA Internal Medicine | Vegetarian Diets and Blood Pressure:  A Meta-analysis.


Rev3 Quassy HalfRev 2013 Race Report

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